Background of Compiling Manual of Development on IPTEKDOKGI of FKG Unair


Science and Technology of Dentistry (IPTEKDOKGI) constantly develop from time to time. In this global and competitive era, each one of individual, educational institution and professional occupation is undeniably challenged and demanded to be perceptive in responding this progress. The superiority of Science and Technology product sets as major standard of the development quality.
Science and Technology (IPTEK) becomes significant means in supporting the development of social and cultural aspects and the transformation of health quality standard. Seeing that health standard includes any aspects of human?s life, thereby any effort to build up and establish proper health shall be conducted in many sectors and motivated by any input and contribution of IPTEK from various fields. For the past few decades, the Development of IPTEK in health sector has shown rapid progress due to variety of public?s demand of which this dynamic phenomenon has motivated the ceaseless development of IPTEK.
IPTEKDOKGI FKG Unair includes various major such as : Oral Biology, Dental material Science, Dental Public Health, Prosthodontics, Orthodonthics, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Dental Radiology. In running higher education program, FKG Unair implements IPTEKDOKGI in form of University?s Tridharma (three. Missions of higher education). Although IPTEKDOKGI develops in divergent direction, it still leads to one goal, that is to optimize the oral function to enhance the living quality of human being.
The development of technology innovation keeps on rapid improving. This improvement is clearly seen of science and technology of dental materials such as : bonding agent, and orthodontics materials. The development of preventive materials is i.e. : carries vaccine to genetic engineering. The development of clinical technology like : electronic anaesthetic, digital radiography and tissue engineered-treatment has encouraged public?s perspective of dentistry technology product users.
Publics expectation toward the quality of dentistry service is increasing. It has inspired the change of health behavior and its demand toward the quality of dental service. To anticipate such indication, the scientific benefactor, scientist, and practitioner shall keep on monitoring, controlling, and giving response toward the rapid progress of technology, understanding basic medicine and dentistry as underlying foundation for technology, knowing how to use and apply it, improving the service effectiveness, understanding more on community?s value and enhancing the never-ending spirit of learning.
The aforesaid circumstance reflects the content of Tap MPR Number IV/MPR/1999 upon General Outline of Indonesian Guidance (GBHN) 1999-2004, assigning the acceleration of state mission as set forth on the Preamble of Indonesian Constitution that Indonesian nation shall realize and actualize the role and function of Science and Technology and shall perform any step deemed required to strengthen, master, learn, use, and develop the existence of Science and Technology.

Law of Republic of Indonesia Number 20/2003 upon National Education System stating that curriculum available in any level and program of education shall be developed under diversification principle pursuant to education level, regional potentiality, and students/participants. The said stipulation states as well that the compilation of curriculum is arranged pursuant to the level of education in the work frame of Republic of Indonesia by considering the development of science, technology, and art.Law of Republic of Indonesia Number 18/2002 upon National System of Research Development, and Implementation of Science and Technology states that higher education as one of the institutional factor in National System of Research Development, and Implementation of Science and Technology serves to establish human resources on IPTEK. The higher education is responsible for increasing the proficiency of education and teaching, research, development, and dedication to the community in conforms to the progress of science and technology in running its capacity.

Statute of Airlangga University upon the Policy of Institution in Major Development, Article 7 declares that the Significant Scientific Pattern off Airlangga University is based on the relevance, integrity, and balance of Science, Technology, Humaniora (Human Science), and Art to enhance human?s living quality. The development and innovation of IPTEKDOKGI becomes the obligation and responsibility of group of scientific benefactor in general, and requirement of public?s demand.For Faculty of Dentistry, Airlangga University, this manual will provide orientation, motivate, and facilitate the capability improvement in sector of education, teaching, research, development, and dedication to the community pursuant to the advancement and progress of science and technology